Ultimate Summer Body Bundle

Ultimate Summer Body Bundle

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Comes With a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Are You Bikini Ready? Build Sexy, Lean Muscle for the Summer!

BONUS: Order before Saturday, June 29 and pay only $59.95 - you save an additional $10 by ordering early. Use the code Summer10 at checkout!

Introducing our new Ultimate Summer Body Bundle - three of our most body-sculpting programs, now bundled together to create the ultimate body-chiseling summer package.

Designed to tighten, tone, shred, and sculpt your body, this bundle will get you ready to conquer the beach, pool, and lake – all in less than 30 days!

With early summer here and the 4th of July right around the corner, now is the perfect time to transform your body like never before.

Get swimsuit, tank top, and shorts ready all at once with this top-to-bottom bundle, perfect for getting you summer-ready!

Each of the programs in our new Ultimate Summer Body Bundle will help you burn calories, shed fat, and get fitter than ever before!

What's Included In The Ultimate Summer Body Bundle?

▶︎ 21-Day Summer Strength Challenge!

For the first time ever, we’re including one of our challenges in a bundle!

Thousands of women have completed our transformation challenges and experienced eye-opening results from head to toe in less than 30 days! Transform your body and build strength like never before with exclusive recordings of our 21-Day Summer Strength Challenge with Miranda Brammer and Rachel Bowles.

Created for women who want to take their results to the next level, this challenge is the key to unlocking your summer body transformation. You’ll gain strength and see an immediate change in your body. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see results!

The 21-Day Summer Strength Challenge is normally priced at $149.95! The Ultimate Summer Body Bundle offers this program at an exclusive discount you won’t find anywhere else!

▶︎ Summer PowerArms

Summer PowerArms will tighten your arms, shape your shoulders, and also firm your upper back!

This means no more “flappy arms” and no more “bat wings”.

Your arms and shoulders will not only look great, your entire upper body will be sleeker, stronger, and more defined than ever before!


“When I began Summer PowerArms I had loose skin because of gaining weight, then losing and gaining then losing again. I kept doing extra work at the gym like pull ups and push-ups but it wasn't doing anything for my loose underarms!!! I started using Summer PowerArms in hopes it would help since PowerAbs has worked wonders for my core, and it has helped so much!!! My hand does the waving now and not my loose skin! Haha!! I'm so ready to do another round of Summer PowerArms and flaunt my new arms this summer!” -Sarah

▶︎ Summer PowerAbs

The secret to getting insane abs for the Summer! Results-driven ab workouts that will challenge your body and push you in new ways to get results. That means you'll see tighter, sexier abs right away!

Summer PowerAbs workouts are designed to give you the abs you want to show off!


“Just finished Summer PowerAbs. Loved everything about it. It pushed me more than I thought I could push myself. I loved the 10 different workouts and the results were simply amazing. I will definitely be doing this one again” -April

🔥 Are you ready for sizzling abs, sculpted arms, and a lean, strong body?

Order the Ultimate Summer Body Bundle today and get three of our most body-transforming programs: Summer PowerArms, Summer PowerAbs, and the 21-Day Summer Strength Challenge all for only $69.95, a savings of $189.90.

Additional Bonus - Order before Saturday June 29 and pay only $59.95, you save an additional $10 by ordering early. Please use the code Summer10 at checkout.

Look great this summer and save!

PS - Our 100% Money Back Guarantee! 

We’re so sure that you'll see incredible full-body results like you've never seen before, we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Buy the Ultimate Summer Body Bundle today. If within the first 30 days from purchase, you are not fully satisfied with your results, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

That’s how positive we are that you’ll see an incredible change in how you look!


Friendly Reminder: The programs in the Ultimate Summer Body Bundle are specially curated to complement each other for maximum results and cannot be exchanged for other programs.



Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes!  All our programs come with a 30 day money back guarantee after the date of purchase.

How do you deliver my program?

Every one of our Power Programs are online! This means you can access any of our PowerAbs, PowerGlutes, PowerLegs, and PowerArms programs from anywhere you have internet access!

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to access the online portal.

Or you can simply login to your programs in our online portal at https://powerabs.shop/account using the email address you used to purchase the program as your login.

Inside of the portal, you will see all of your programs!

Does my purchase ever expire?

All of our programs are lifetime, unlimited access - they never expire!

Is this a monthly payment?

All of our programs are a one time purchase - you are never charged again!

Do I need any equipment for the programs?

All of our PowerAbs and PowerGlutes programs do not require equipment!

Our Summer PowerArms and Perfect Pull-Up programs are the only programs that requires equipment.

For Summer PowerArms, Level Two requires light handweights or resistance bands.

For the Perfect Pull-Up program, you will only need a pull-up bar!

Do you have closed-captioning on the videos?

Yes! Closed Captioning is available in the bottom right hand corner of your videos.