Power Handstands Course
Power Handstands Course
Power Handstands Course
Power Handstands Course
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Power Handstands Course

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Comes With a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


After 3 years of being asked for a Handstand Course, I am so excited to announce that it is here!

Through a series of 5 videos, I will teach you the exact steps you need to take to not only get up into a wall-assisted handstand position but how to continue to build your strength to progress all the way to doing handstand walks!

Each video focuses on one building block as you master each step towards your handstand walk!

Lessons include:

1. Wall Walks-  Wall walks are a great way to introduce yourself to a handstand. They will also help you build up the upper body and core strength needed for the advanced versions of handstands.

My goal for Wall Walks is to get you to feel comfortable walking up as well as down the wall and getting familiar with being inverted. Overcoming the fear of being upside down is another key thing I want you to take away from learning how to do a wall walk.

2. Handstand Hold Against Wall- Handstand holds against the wall will help you get extra practice being upside down without worrying about falling because you have the wall to support you. These will get you ready for all of the future handstand variations!

My goal for the handstand hold against the wall is for you to get comfortable kicking up into a handstand and gaining even more confidence being upside down.

3. Freestanding Handstand Hold- This is the most common movement I get asked how to do! Not only does it require a lot of upper body and core strength, but you also have to learn how to control your body in space. This makes it so rewarding once you learn how to do it. Plus you can get that handstand picture by the beach that you have always wanted!

My goal for the Freestanding Handstand Hold is to teach you how to properly hold a handstand. I also want you to feel confident in kicking up and coming down from it. 

4. Handstand Walk- I think this movement speaks for itself, but how cool is it walking on your hands? Handstand walking requires the body control and balance needed for freestanding handstands but also the coordination to learn how to walk your hands. Just like learning how to walk when you were young, except upside down!

My goal for handstand walks is to teach you how to walk on your hands with control. You will also learn accessory movements to help get you there.

5. Strict Handstand Push-Up- One of the best movements for strong shoulders and triceps is strict handstand push-ups. I mean how cool is it to be able to press up your own body weight while being upside down?

My goal for strict handstand push-ups is to teach you the proper way to lower yourself and then press yourself back up with confidence while against a wall. I will also show you ways to build up the upper body strength to make this possible.

Each day I will teach you the exact body positions and movements needed to be successful with each handstand variation. I will also show you common mistakes I see and what to watch out for. In addition to that, I will show you my top tips and key things to focus on for each progression!

This course is valued at $99.95 and is available as a one time only program.

If you would like to receive the course for FREE, it is part of the Yearly PowerAbs Membership!


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes!  All our programs come with a 30 day money back guarantee after the date of purchase.

How do you deliver my program?

Every one of our Power Programs are online! This means you can access any of our PowerAbs, PowerGlutes, PowerLegs, and PowerArms programs from anywhere you have internet access!

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to access the online portal.

Or you can simply login to your programs in our online portal at https://powerabs.shop/account using the email address you used to purchase the program as your login.

Inside of the portal, you will see all of your programs!

Does my purchase ever expire?

All of our programs are lifetime, unlimited access - they never expire!

Is this a monthly payment?

All of our programs are a one time purchase - you are never charged again!

Do I need any equipment for the programs?

All of our PowerAbs and PowerGlutes programs do not require equipment!

Our Summer PowerArms and Perfect Pull-Up programs are the only programs that requires equipment.

For Summer PowerArms, Level Two requires light handweights or resistance bands.

For the Perfect Pull-Up program, you will only need a pull-up bar!

Do you have closed-captioning on the videos?

Yes! Closed Captioning is available in the bottom right hand corner of your videos.

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    I love all the programs but so happy about the handstand program, ready to take it up a notch.

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