1. How do I login?

To Access Your Program? You can access your program by logging in here: https://powerabs.shop/account

**If you have not yet created an account, please do so!**

To create your account, please go to https://powerabs.shop/account
1. Click on My Programs
2. On the login page: click Create Account
Please use the email address you used to purchase the program as your login.

*If you have an account in our old system, please create a new account to access your programs. All of your programs have been transferred to our new and improved system!

Please be sure to look for your activation email to complete setting up your new account!


2. Where is the second week of workouts or Where can I find Day 6?

There are 5 videos in the PowerAbs, PowerGlutes, and Summer PowerArms programs, with the exception of Summer PowerAbs. The videos rotate throughout the month, so you will repeat the 5 videos throughout the month! You can check your calendar located under the second tab in the program to see which videos you are supposed to be doing on which days. Week Two kicks off with Day Two and rotates from there.

Repetition is crucial in both feeling and seeing results, as you are targeting specific areas of the body to maximize your results!

We encourage you to mix and match the levels of difficulty to challenge yourself and incorporate a new routine each week!

Have a great workout!


3. Does my purchase ever expire?

All of our programs are lifetime, unlimited access - they never expire!


4. Is this a monthly payment?

All of our programs are a one time purchase - you are never charged again!


5. Do I need any equipment for the programs?

All of our PowerAbs and PowerGlutes programs do not require equipment!

Our Summer PowerArms and Perfect Pull-Up programs are the only programs that requires equipment.

For Summer PowerArms, Level Two requires light handweights or resistance bands.

For the Perfect Pull-Up program, you will only need a pull-up bar!


6. Where do I submit my before and after pictures?

Please email beforeandafter@pearcepointers.com to submit both your before and after photos.


7. How can I contact customer service?

Please email info@pearcepointers.com with any customer service questions, comments, or concerns!

Our team is available throughout our normal operating hours - 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Outside of our normal hours, we’ll be checking in periodically to ensure we don’t miss your email and to provide you with the best service possible! If you do not hear from us, we will be back in touch with you during the next business day!

We appreciate you, as well as your patience, and you’ll be hearing from us soon!


8. Is there a Facebook Group?

Yes! You’ll join me, and thousands of others in our exclusive PowerAbs and PowerAbs For Moms Facebook Groups!

These exclusive communities from around the globe are your online meeting place to talk, share, and encourage each other as you go through the PowerAbs, PowerGlutes, PowerArms, and PowerAbs For Moms programs!

Our communities are the place for you to come together to make new friendships, share your stories, your struggles, and your successes!

To join the PowerAbs Facebook Group, please go to:

To join the PowerAbs For Moms Facebook Group, please go to:


9. Do you have closed-captioning on the videos?

Yes! Closed Captioning is available in the bottom right hand corner of your videos. To turn it on:

  1. Press play on your video. This will bring up your options at the bottom of the video screen. 
  2. Hover over the box marked CC in the lower right hand corner of your video


Click on the gear icon in the video box and select: Subtitle/CC.

Click on this option and select ON

This will turn on the subtitles for that video.


10. What order should I go in when it comes to doing the programs?

One of the greatest things about the PowerAbs programs is that there is a program for everyone! We offer a variety of different programs and varying levels of difficulty so there is a PowerAbs product that is just right for you, no matter where you are starting from.

If you are a true beginner or have not exercised in some time, we recommend starting with Introduction to PowerAbs. The first step in your journey to great abs!

Introduction To PowerAbs is your no excuse, 10-minute a day, beginners level abs workout program that anyone can do.

Introduction To PowerAbs helps you to get all of the benefits of my original PowerAbs workout - flatter stomach, trimmer waist, and stronger core that works up a sweat - without high impact, high-intensity movements.

Introduction To PowerAbs is a lower intensity program designed for people who are starting to workout, who do light to moderate workouts, and are looking to go farther to build their abs.

Then, we recommend moving onto PowerAbs!


PowerAbs is the original program and has been completed by over 100,000 people! PowerAbs is designed to work your entire core every workout. Your abs will be challenged more than ever with this program. This means you will see real results faster!

Each 10-minute workout is designed to trim your waist, eliminate that muffin top, and sculpt definition with no equipment needed.

In 30 days, you'll build your ab muscles and burn fat to show off sculpted muscles you didn't even know existed.


After PowerAbs, your next step will take you to PowerAbs 2.0.

PowerAbs 2.0 introduces new movements & higher intensity workouts which means more calories burned!

PowerAbs 2.0 introduces you to all-new, even more challenging movements so that you will see ab-defining results faster.

Each workout is designed to burn even more calories through high-intensity movements to fire up your 6 pack muscles and your obliques. These more intense workouts will shape, shred, and define your core like no other.

Plus, for the very first time, PowerAbs 2.0 introduces arms, shoulders, and upper back exercises to give you that sleeker, stronger, more defined look you desire.


Once you have mastered PowerAbs 2.0, you are ready for the most advanced levels in your PowerAbs journey with Extreme PowerAbs!

Extreme PowerAbs does what no other abs program does… Makes you stronger, leaner, and gives you insane ripped abs!

If you’re looking for stronger, leaner, ripped abs, the fastest, and the best way to get them is through the high-intensity workouts you’ll do in Extreme PowerAbs.


To take your abs to the next level, we have 2 additional programs we know you will love!

If you loved PowerAbs, you’ll love Summer PowerAbs! Kari has taken her favorite, results-driven ab workouts and combined them for you.

Summer PowerAbs is a series of fun and challenging, 10-minute workouts designed to give you the abs you want to show off!

These 10 all-new workouts will challenge your body and push you in new ways to get results. That means you'll see tighter, sexier abs-right away!


PowerAbs For Moms was created to help moms get their pre-baby body back...Only Better!

You need, no deserve, a program to help you hit your goals without taking time away from your life.

PowerAbs For Moms is the program we created especially for you to get your abs back...in only 10 minutes a day!

The movements in PowerAbs for Moms are designed for you to learn how to reactivate your core. Level 1 is the foundation of the program. Level 2 is more intermediate. Level 3 is more advanced for those of you who are in top shape and want to get pushed even further.

PowerAbs For Moms is the perfect workout to fit into your busy life while giving you back your pre-baby abs!


PowerGlutes - Tighten, Firm, and Lift Your Glutes in 30 Days!

Since releasing PowerAbs in 2018, so many of you have asked for a glute program that follows the same premise of PowerAbs - 10 minutes a day, no equipment, and insane results!

A program that checks the boxes - tighter glutes, a firmer bottom, and a lift that can defy gravity - without weights or equipment and in only 10 minutes a day.

Just like PowerAbs, PowerGlutes moves you through a series of blended, continuous contractions designed to engage your glute muscles in ways you haven’t before!

This means you'll move your booty, in untraditional ways to develop glute muscles that are not usually activated. (you’ll be sore...trust me!)

PowerGlutes is Here! Get ready to feel the burn and tighten, firm , and lift your glutes!


I hope this helped! To learn more or to order yours today, here is a link to our store https://www.pearcepointers.com/store


11. Do you have a comparison chart that details the differences between the programs?

Yes, check out the PowerAbs Programs Comparison Chart for side-by-side comparisons of all the PowerAbs programs.

PowerAbs Programs Comparison Chart 1

PowerAbs Programs Comparison Chart 2

PowerAbs Programs Comparison Chart 3