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The Secret For Moms
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PowerAbs For Moms
Introducing 6x CrossFit Games Athlete Kari Pearce's PowerAbs™ For Moms Program, created just for Moms to do what other abs programs cannot do...
give you back your pre-baby abs in only 10 minutes a day!
Hi, I'm Kari Pearce, 6 times CrossFit Games competitor and the 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Fittest Woman in the United States.

I spent 18 years as a gymnast doing the best abs exercises in the world.

The foundation of my PowerAbs programs are the movements I learned during my extensive gymnastics career and continue to incorporate in my workouts today.

Over the past three years, hundreds of thousands of people from over 125 countries have successfully completed my 10 minute PowerAbs programs and have seen amazing results.

Now I’ve created my newest 10 minute PowerAbs program, just for Moms like you!
Kari Pearce
Kari Pearce
Welcome To PowerAbs For Moms!
So many moms, from my close friends, to Moms online, have reached out to me asking how they can get their pre-baby abs back again?

Moms struggle with so many different reasons why they just can’t get back to their pre-baby bodies.

This includes moms who recently had babies all the way up to those who have kids in school.

Moms struggle with:
- Weight gain from pregnancy
- No time.... being a mom is a full-time job!
- The shape of their abs often change because of pregnancy
- Their eating changed because they snack with their kids
- It’s often hard to workout with kids
- Loose skin
- Back issues occurring from pregnancy
- Posture imbalances occur from carrying their babies on one side
- Family demands
- Mom guilt
- The baby weight just won’t come off!
After Before
After Before
Here’s The Good News,
The Struggle Is Over!
It is possible to get defined abs in only 10 minutes a day.

In fact, I’ll show you how to get abs even better than before you started having your children!

Because so many Moms have come to me for my assistance, I decided to bring out a course specifically for Moms.

I reached out to Ashley Cotler to write the PowerAbs For Moms program with me.

Ashley is a mom of two, including an on-the-go 3 year old powerhouse Ivy, and 5 month old Jaxson.

Ashley is an American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA) Pre and Post Natal Certified Trainer, and an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer. Ashley is also CrossFit Level 1, Level 2, and CrossFit Kids certified.

Ashley’s strong background as a professional trainer, and as a Mom, makes her the perfect person to partner with to bring PowerAbs For Moms to life.
Your Demonstrators - 3 Moms, 6 Kids, Great Abs!

Your Demonstrators -
3 Moms, 6 Kids, Great Abs!

Ashley Cotler with Ivy and Jaxson

Ashley Cotler with Ivy and Jaxson

PowerAbs For Moms Is The Program We Created Especially For You To Get Your Abs Back...In Only 10 Minutes A Day!
Moms are Superheroes! You juggle the kids, work, the house, your family, and the errands. You take care of everything and everyone in your world. There are days when stealing time for a cup of coffee can seem like a big ask.

You need, no deserve, a program to help you hit your goals without taking time away from your life.

I knew I needed to create a program just for you, the Power Moms!
You want that definition you had before. To look and, most importantly, feel better. You’re not looking for a crazy 6-pack (although that would be an awesome bonus!). A strong core can benefit you in so many ways!

Look good, feel good, right?

The catch?
It has to fit into your busy life while giving you back your pre-baby abs.
PowerAbs For Moms does exactly that in only 10 minutes a day!
PowerAbs For Moms
PowerAbs For Moms
Your Demonstrators - 3 Moms, 6 Kids, Great Abs!
Get Your Abs Back With...
  • All New Workouts!
  • 3 Levels!
  • ​Only 10 Minutes A Day!
Ashley and I have taken our best, results-driven, proven ab workouts and combined them for you in a series of fun and challenging, 10 minute PowerAbs For Moms workouts designed to give you back your abs...only better!

These are the workouts you can do anywhere, at anytime, and at any level!*

Every PowerAbs For Moms workout is designed with you in mind.

These all-new workouts will challenge your body and push you in new ways to get results, no matter what level you are at.

That means you'll see tighter, defined abs - right away!

PowerAbs For Moms is designed to work your entire core every workout. Your abs will be challenged more than ever before. This means you will see real results faster!

Each 10 minute workout is designed to transform your abs and sculpt definition with no equipment needed.

In 30 days, you'll build your abs, burn fat, get stronger, and see definition you haven’t seen since your pre-baby days!
PowerAbs For Moms
PowerAbs For Moms
PowerAbs For Moms
PowerAbs For Moms Is Supported By Science
Not only does PowerAbs For Moms focus on your stomach muscles, it also focuses on your glutes and your lower back muscles.

During pregnancy, and often times well into motherhood, mom’s ab muscles and glute muscles become weak. This many times also leads to lower back pain.

PowerAbs for Moms specifically focuses on your ab muscles, glutes and lower back muscles to firm and strengthen each of these important muscles in your body.

In 30 days, your abs will be firmer, your glutes will be tighter, and your lower back will be stronger.
PowerAbs For Moms
Every Mom Wants Their Abs Back!
In 30 Days You’ll Have Yours Again... Only Better!
Each day as you get stronger, you’ll see the changes in your abs. In fact, within 30 days, you’ll have more definition in your abs than you've ever had before….Guaranteed!

In 30 days...
• you'll get rid of that baby belly fat
• you'll lose inches off your waist
• you’ll have more energy and stamina
• you'll have definition and tone again
• you'll fit into your clothes better!
• you'll lose that muffin top
• you'll lose weight
• you’ll tighten up loose skin
• you’ll have better balance and posture, which means less aches and pains!
• you’ll become more confident!
• you’ll look great and feel fantastic!

All in only 10 minutes a day.

Without taking time away from the important people in your life!
All You Need Is 10 Minutes and a Floor (even if it’s covered in toys)!
Sign up for PowerAbs For Moms program, pay once, and you will receive unlimited, on-going access to my online program.

You can do your workouts any place there’s a floor (no equipment needed), starting immediately.

No equipment means no excuses and no added costs! So put the kids down for a nap, kick the toys out of the way, pop that meatloaf into the oven and get after those PowerAbs!

Each day you’ll spend only 10 minutes working your abs in ways you never have before.

All without getting dressed for the gym or trying to find a babysitter or the time to squeeze in a workout.

Once you get started and commit to my program, you’ll start to see and feel an immediate change in your waistline. Many people say they start to see a difference in the first 3 days!

In each video, you'll see the workout being taught by me and demonstrated by my Power Mom assistants, showing you all 3 levels.

Follow along with them to scale your workout to your current level.

Level One is designed for everyone. Start here if you are just getting back into exercise or haven’t exercised in a while! This is your foundation level. If you can march in place, you can do Level One.

Level Two is for those of you who have been working out and are ready for more. Level Two will help you get back into a routine, stick to your program, and give you the workout you need to see results fast.

Level Three You are ready for a challenge! You want to go to the next level and here it is.

Level Three is for those who want a great workout and are looking for a world-class challenge. Moms who have been working out will find Level Three works up a real sweat. I'm going to push you harder than you've ever been pushed before so you can see dramatic, defined results in only 30 days.
Level One
Level One
Level Two
Level Two
Level Three
Be Part Of The All New PowerAbs For Moms
Facebook Group!
You’ll join Ashley and me as Founding Members of our exclusive online PowerAbs For Moms Facebook Group!

The exclusive PowerAbs For Moms Facebook Group is your online meeting place to talk, share, and encourage each other as you go through PowerAbs For Moms and after!

This is the place for Power Moms like you to come together to make new friendships, share your stories, your struggles, and your successes! This is your own exclusive, online space. A group filled with encouragement and empowerment.

I expect this private group to quickly grow to thousands and thousands of Power Moms from around the world!
My 100% Money Back Guarantee!
I’m so sure that you'll see defined abs in 30 days like you've never seen before that I'm offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Order PowerAbs For Moms™ Program today. If you don't see remarkable results in 30 days, you will get a full refund. No questions asked. That’s how positive I am you’ll see an incredible change in your abs in 30 days!
Order Now!
Special Offer! The price of PowerAbs For Moms is only $79.95 ($29.95 for a limited time only! Don’t Miss Out!)

No monthly charges. You only pay once and have unlimited lifetime access!

Kari Pearce
6X CrossFit Games Competitor
Fittest Woman in the US 2018, 2019 & 2020
PowerAbs For Moms

P.S. To stay on track, I’m including a 30-day PowerAbs For Moms Calendar to assure you maximize your results. The Program and the Calendar can be used as many times as you like so you can keep your PowerAbs throughout the year!
*Please note: PowerAbs For Moms is intended for Moms who have their doctor’s approval to begin working out. Please get your doctor's permission before starting this or any exercise program.
Do NOT start this program unless:
- You have a Doctor's clearance to engage in an exercise program without limitations
- You are more than 20 weeks postpartum
- You are NOT pregnant
- You are NOT experiencing any of the following:
faintness or dizziness, excessive swelling, nausea or vomiting
- You do NOT have any physical condition(s) that limit your ability to exercise