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PHIIT by Kari Pearce Will Change Your Body In Only 10 Minutes A Day...Guaranteed!

Introducing the revolutionary Power HIIT Program, “PHIIT”!

PHIIT is a full body, 5 day a week, 10 minute a day high intensity program to assure your body gets the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Each workout is 10 minutes of high intensity full body exercises to burn calories and fat, build sexy lean muscle, and get you in the fittest shape of your life!!

PHIIT consists of a combination of a blended variety of intense movements followed by very brief periods of strategic rest.

Changing the movement pattern allows you to stimulate different muscles while working your body in a different way. This allows your muscles to recover while you switch gears to work on other muscles in the same workout.

In 10 minutes you'll have a complete full body workout...and I promise you, you’ll be drenched in sweat (and you’ll feel great too)!!

All you need to get fitter and healthier than ever before is my PHIIT program, a floor, and a set of dumbbells. No expensive memberships. No travel. Just real results!


Order now!

*No monthly charges. You only pay once and have unlimited, lifetime access!



How do you deliver my program.

Every one of our Power Programs are online! This means you can access any of our PowerAbs, PowerGlutes, PowerLegs, and PowerArms programs from anywhere you have internet access!

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to access the online portal.

Or you can simply login to your programs in our online portal at using the email address you used to purchase the program as your login.

Inside of the portal, you will see all of your programs!

Does my purchase ever expire?

All of our programs are lifetime, unlimited access - they never expire!

Is this a monthly payment?

All of our programs are a one time purchase - you are never charged again!

Do I need any equipment for the programs?

All of our PowerAbs and PowerGlutes programs do not require equipment!

Our Summer PowerArms and Perfect Pull-Up programs are the only programs that requires equipment.

For Summer PowerArms, Level Two requires light handweights or resistance bands.

For the Perfect Pull-Up program, you will only need a pull-up bar!

Do you have closed-captioning on the videos?

Yes! Closed Captioning is available in the bottom right hand corner of your videos.